Earthworks Art Designs and Photography

Earthworks Art Designs and Photography

Cheryl Wulfers
My name is Cheryl Wulfers. I am a grandmother and lifelong resident of northern New Jersey until relocating to Prescott Valley, Arizona in 2011. Having had no formal training in art, I began drawing in April of 2008 as a way to cope with the many stressors affecting my life. Chronic pain, depression, anxiety and Bipolar Disorder have created a continuing crisis situation for me. I have found drawing, photography and creating unique jewelry to be meditative and healing outlets for me in my quest to create and maintain some balance in my life as I care for my three grandsons, each of whom have special needs of their own. It is my art that gets me through the day. Put simply, I believe that Art Heals.
I draw from what I consider to be a 'stream of consciousness' with no preconceived ideas. That means I never know what the finished piece will look like. It also means that each hand drawn piece is entirely unique. My drawings have evolved from spaghetti and knot-like looking things, to alien and insect-type pieces and finally in December of 2009 to the Mandalas, Affirmations and other unique pieces that I do now. Although so far my work has been done using markers and colored pencils, I also do collages, scrap-book pages, and I have dabbled with acrylic paint. My photographs are mostly of natural settings and feature quiet places, sometimes including cemeteries, for it is in these places that I feel most peaceful.

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