E Vera's artwork began at an early age. For as long as he can remember, his interest in art has been present. He started drawing in pencils and colored pencils until venturing into his current preferred method of acrylic and mixed medium paintings.
He was raised in Mexico and it was there that art began to flourish as an essential part of his life.
In 2016 he obtained his Law degree and he is currently working as tax specialist and foreign trade attorney in one of the most prestigious worldwide firms.
Art is not just a hobby in his life, but a lifestyle that has made him grow as a person every day.
It is the discipline that goes into each and every one of his paintings that makes them unique and special.


Artsy - Miami Beach, USA
Galería del Sol - Miami Beach, USA
Singulart - Paris, France
Saatchi Art Gallery - USA
Galería Mónica Saucedo - Colima, Mexico
Heitz Art Boutique - New York City, USA; Geneva, Switzerland; Mexico City, Mexico
Arte 1010 - Merida, Mexico
Bernardini Art Gallery - San Pedro, Mexico City, Queretaro, Merida, Cancun, Mexico.
SophArt - Mexico City, Mexico
14.16 Gallery - Mexico City, Mexico
ConfiArte - Mexico City, Mexico
EVeraArt - San Pedro, Mexico

Pop Art Series

Intervened Original Prints