Ekgorn Temppetak

Ekgorn Temppetak


The arts is a language, a beauty, creativity and an expression for responding to the world around us. It allows us to see ourselves and the world differently and also help us to break the monotony of every day’s life. Moreover, arts is about to share many experiences that made us realize how certain those pieces of artwork could hold a tremendous amount of sentimental values to many individuals.

In additional, we have experiences in a various field of creativity, including oils color painting, sculpture, watercolor painting and drawing. We seriously put the effort to the works for depicting them into a living and breathing works of art.

As an artistic individual with a passion for design and creativity, we are keen to learn more about the world of art how it works and what it could offer to the world. We have tried to understand how arts could inspire people to experience with the beauty, creativity and emotion.

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