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The art of Edwin I. Morales (EIM)

I seldomly use brushes, I actually do my art with every day things. I took art late in life but I enjoy the process of coming up with what I am going to do next. I use tools or things to do my art. The process of looking at something and thinking how can I use it to paint is a lot of fun.

I started with a small series on tools and moved on to my larger series “things” Most of the time the title explains what that thing was. So enjoy, try to find that thing on the art. Great conversation pieces.

I am also what you will call a picker or collector, I like to attend auctions and purchase art. Some are prints, some photo art and some paintings. I am going to add some of those for sell in the other art collectibles gallery. I will try to provide as most information as I can, and put additional pictures; but my knowledge of some of them is limited.

Enjoy looking around. Email me if you like to ask a question EIMArt4sale@yahoo.com

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