A native of Montreal (Canada), who has traveled to a lot of places and seen a lot of different things / cultures, I started art when I was very young. Very young in fact.

When one looks at my artistically inclined family, though, such isn't surprising. A number of cousins, aunts and uncles - as well as Dad himself, who is more a scholar than anything else, has a very developed artistic sense - are involved in the artistic field one way or the other. Some of my longest standing friendships involve fellow artists; a Swedish painter and a German photographer for example.

I first began in the art field as a child, barely 10 years, in photography. Back then the family was living in a small Rocky Mountains town so close to nature that it wasn't unusual to see elk, deer, bears and other animals making use of the farmer's field just outside of town. Once two cougars were even found inside the town, roosting at the back of the school yard in a large oak, but such felines raised little concern because having wildlife in the "backyard" was a near daily basis for some people in this area.

While there my art was photography mostly. Anything that was within running, walking, or jumping range became a potential target. I moved onto painting later, as a young teenager, when I painted the Peterborough Lift Locks and friends/family stated that I had some real talent.

However, as the saying goes - life happens. Art took a backseat in my life. Despite having excellent scores from an art school [for their evaluation process] this wasn't going to become my career. Rather I have stayed on the fringes - entertaining myself with photography mostly. This extended to include lyrical writing and some theatrical acting as well as reenactment.

Now, though, I have a chance to engage myself more fully into art. I use most mediums available - photography, painting, sketching, occasional clay / sculpting, digital and everything else I can teach myself. Completely and utterly self-taught.