The Electric Eccentric Studio

The Electric Eccentric Studio

The Electric Eccentric practices an unlimited form of expression that involves everything from basic photography, to photo-manipulation, to mixed media, to 100% digital drawing and can incorporate such original digital drawings within all the other previous levels and media.

The Electric Eccentric has finished in the finals of competitions that geographically ranged from the USA, to Sydney Australia, to Rome, to Bangkok, to Beijing... The time frame of his publishing only began in 2003.

Many reviewers have felt his work is akin to a modern Peter Max...while taking advantage of all the recent improvements in the digital state of the art.

His work is both sensual and sexual, while always portraying the female form as a most positive image.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Electric Eccentric Studio work is meant for display. All pieces have been designed to be 24" - 30", and then STILL survive close inspection of detail. That is not visible on a site like ArtPal. As well, the brightest, most saturated colors are used; they are not only not sensed on the net, they many times cause sites like ArtPal to overload, and show ghosting, harmonics and smears where there are NONE. So ? Just remember that the master uploads are at 600 dpi and 10,000 pixels - minimum. Any commercial printer will have more data than it can use... Still, the artist would prefer that you look at a finished product of 30" or less on the long side.

Many of his works are already cropped and colored to the edges, for best use with block framing... i.e. blacks go to the edges and seem to wrap around and behind with that type of frame. At this time, ArtPal does not appear to offer a block frame. No mat and going with deep black framing would be an alternative, in those cases. See works like "Simultaneously" or "Pele" or
"Her Body Electric" or "Radiant" and load their frame options for examples of how a more infinite black might work for dramatic effect (black to and including the frame).

The Electric Eccentric lives in central New Mexico, USA

After enduring many strange site judging misinterpretations, he clarified his methodology.
Here is a quote:
I pay for my own models.
I do my own original photography.
I NEVER use stock anything and never have and never will use any CGI program.
I do my own digital drawing.
I sometimes do a mix of photos and drawings - all must be generated directly from me.
I, therefore, am not obligated to credit any other person than myself.


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