Drawn From Myth

Drawn From Myth


Born by the sea to a Sail Maker and an English Teacher, I spent much of my youth drawing and exploring the world through a variety of projects. My father introduced me to oil painting at the age of ten, and taught me sewing, cooking, and carpentry skills as well. My mother is a skilled calligrapher and seamstress, and is responsible for cultivating my love of history and travel.

My interests in art continued to grow throughout adolescence. In high school I worked in ceramics and photography (film developing) in addition to painting and drawing. After graduating, I briefly attended an art academy, which exposed me to sculpture, traditional painting, and art history: the latter of which opened the door to new passions.

In the early 2000s, I spent much of my time in private study of history, specifically mythology, the “Celts” of the Iron Age, and some of Viking Age Scandinavia (my ancestry consists primarily of Scandinavian and Scottish). It was during this time that I also began to create fantasy-themed art with watercolors, and try my hand at graphite portraits. My interests in art, history, and mythology began to knit together and became the foundation of my identity today.

After fifteen years out of school, I enrolled back into college full-time in 2015. In 2019, I completed two bachelor’s degrees: the primary one in History with a concentration in public & museum studies (heavily focusing on European cultures). My chosen era/culture of study was and continues to be Northern European history, specifically the cultures previously mentioned. These eras and cultures of time, as well as folklore, music, and other artists serve as inspiration for many of my creations. My second degree is in Art & Design with a concentration in painting, although I consider my work self-taught. In addition to creating, I love to travel when I can, constantly keeping my heart open for a place I can call home.

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