Kindness Canvases by Arlette Stella Poland

Kindness Canvases by Arlette Stella Poland

Arlette Stella Poland is a late blooming, self-taught artist, taking up this form of art since approximately the end of 2019. In spite of her short history as an artist, she has been in several shows and exhibits, both in person and online. Her creative side is informed by her extensive education alongside her travel adventures and life experiences.

She experiments and makes mistakes with nearly every piece. “This is what gives me and the canvas something to ‘talk’ about.” Explains Arlette simply.
“For me, this is not just me creating, it is all the experiences and people of my entire life coming together creatively. To paint is to be alive, to breathe, to exist for the work. Somehow, I am an artist!” ponders Arlette, confused and bemused at the same time.

Arlette Stella turned what was once a little used living room into her own well-used and overstocked artist studio. She averages two new pieces per month and it seems that resting or stopping is not even on the horizon. Fortunately, her husband (and dog!) support (-s) her work and the loss of the living room.
Her medium is usually acrylic on canvas but sometimes she enjoys putting acrylic on gesso board, or waters down the acrylic for a watery effect, and sometimes she uses pastels on canvas.

Arlette’s boundless imagination and deeply philosophical and abstract nature is evident in every piece that she creates. Thus, she rightfully terms her art: Abstract Message Art. And, her message? Kindness.