Douglas Peres

Douglas Peres

My name is Douglas Lima Peres, Brazilian, born in São Paulo. I graduated in gastronomy and have no formal education in arts. I started drawing during a period of my life in which I was questioning the way I was living my lifestyle my beliefs and how I could change that, as I realized I wasn't happy that way. So I decided to go traveling by bicycle around South America, Paraguay was my first destination. This decision changed my life completely. Since then I have dedicated full time on art, trying different techniques and daily improving my skills. Realism art in graphite and watercolors really fascinates me. I keep traveling and selling my art on the way on street fairs, galleries, hostels and online. I am now in Argentina. You can also find me on social media by my full name.

Energy Transformation

Colored pencils



Realistic Graphite arts

Mixed media