“A photograph is not created by a photographer. What they does is just to open a little window and capture it. The world then writes itself on the film. The act of the photographer is closer to reading than it is to writing. They are the readers of the world. ”

started taking photographs in the 2011 while studying Music, philosophy and art history at the University of Lübeck Germany.

The following year I started working for the weekly magazine National, first as a photographer, then from 2012 as a journalist. He also wrote on politics, Diplomatique and on literature and photography for Nationals Magazines

During this little period I entered the field of fashion photography in the late 2012 At the Moment published a retrospective about it, Misses, Venezuelan Models, Belleza Latina <3

Musician Bass Player on "Puah", Musclecars Collector, Guitar Collector, Actually Professional Hockey Player Venezuelan Team (National Selection), Bullitt and Fionna are my Best Friens Ever!! (2 German Shepherds) + Fey and Pitu (saved from the streets) ... Animals, Nature, Trees, Rollerblades, My Family... "Mis Fundamentos"