Studio 29

Studio 29

Donna Jensen formerly career based in corporate and business management for almost 30 years, started her art career creating functional mosaic artworks 10 years ago and later discovered the amazing, remarkable and boundless world of epoxy/resin and beautiful mica powders and she was in love.

Donna’s long standing fascination of her South African Mask Collection inspired the creation of the 3d faces/masks, as masks have always represented for her the emotions and experiences we hide from the world through cultural ‘masks’ and a reminder that our real emotions are one of our most wondrous gifts that guide us to true happiness.

She was inspired to develop a method to create artwork that married her appreciation for our emotional ‘guidance system’ and also respecting her value of repurposing and reusing. She quickly developed her own technique for making molds and casting epoxy faces, while reconditioning materials to compliment the artwork leaving a near zero carbon footprint.

There is a joy, an emotional and spiritual evoking and deeply satisfying feeling in creating art. When art evokes similar feelings in others when viewing it, that is the sweet spot, there is the magic.