DimUzArt - Digital Abstract Photoshop Art

DimUzArt - Digital Abstract Photoshop Art


Born in a time of the Soviet Union ( now Ukraine ) in state town Chernigov, north of Kiev.
Lived in Ukraine until summer 1995 after that moved to Brooklyn, New York.
17 years of me creating advertizement graphics and digital abstract art on ADOBE Photoshop. I do understand every day that I have the coolest & peaceful job in the world. My digital abstract art is a use of filters, effects, styles, shapes, type, colors and some good mood & music. Finished Touro college for master degree in Graphic Design & Web Media.

Truth, Space, Music, Time, Vision, Mindset, Wisdom, Freedom.
This set of things is a solid block of LIFE that helps me to continue living, prosper and joy all the way.

Love to camp somewhere on the mountains on a great weekend and cook good grill food. Love to watch sky full of stars on the clear night. Also very much love House music or good Minimal music.

P.S. Hope to cross path with outstanding people :)


Wheel Vibe 2019

2019 Abstract

Abstract Photoshop Art-High Res

Abstract People - Photoshop Art