Digital Reality Art

Digital Reality Art

I have been expressing myself through various art media throughout my life.

As a child it was crayons and watercolors. In college I studied art education and worked in acrylics, watercolor and pottery. Taught in public high schools for several years; worked as art product manager in an Art Supply Corporation for about 15 years where I gave seminars, researched and chose new art products, and oversaw the annual publication of a 400 page art product catalog. Throughout this period I continued working in various media and experimented in different styles and subjects in my free time.

In the early 2000's I got involved in various Print on Demand outlets. Now all my art is created digitally on my computer! I use digital photography as the jumping off point, turning the images into digital paintings and taking creative liberties with their reality. I work from photos that I have taken as well as public domain and stock photography. The goal is to take a photo(s) as a starting point and change the reality – a different season, change colors, add other elements, execute in different style -wherever my vision takes me I create “Digital Reality Art”. I find it a VERY freeing medium - easy to change, rearrange, modify colors etc. Never going back to traditional media - I change my mind too much so this lets me experiment like I want to and have fun!.
I moved to California from the East Coast about 25 years ago and have been re-energized with the subjects that are readily available all year...the coastline, surf, beaches, marinas, mountains, deserts, gardens, flowers and wine country...all the inspiration I could ever need here in one state.