Abstract Accents

Abstract Accents


Dianna is originally from northern Ohio. She has always had an adventuresome spirit and has resided in various places including California, Alaska, Washington State, Oregon, The Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Between residences, Dianna did quite a bit of traveling around the world including Australia, Indonesia, Europe, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Columbia and throughout the Caribbean islands. She was inspired to paint while owning a restaurant in Puerto Rico. A woman who frequented her restaurant created oil paintings of the native children of The Virgin Islands (her permanent residence) Dianna was so fascinated by her work that she ordered supplies and began self teaching.

Dianna studied watercolors with Dave Stitt (from Seattle) for several years. She also took classes from Jerry Stitt, Dave’s brother who is a well known artist and instructor and member of The National Watercolor Society. At one point, these two artists and their two brothers were all featured at The Frye Art Museum in Seattle at the same time.

Dianna currently paints in watercolors, acrylics and mixed media in various abstract forms. She is inspired by nature, culture, water, reflections, emotion and other artists. She currently resides in Summerlin, Nevada.


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