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My deepest desire is that my art “soothes the soul”. My goal is to move and touch the viewer emotionally. The purpose of the art is not so much to present a pretty picture or to capture the details of a location as it is to ignite an emotional response that inspires one to examine their own inner thoughts and feelings being evoked by a particular image before them.

In my search, I experimented with various media and techniques, but once I encountered pastels, they took center stage in my life and I’ve continued exploring deeper and deeper ways of expressing myself through this rich, sensuous media. I find that in being able to work directly with my hands, I’m able become more personally involved with both the art and the art from itself.

The inspiration for my art often comes from either my Spiritual search and from my dream state. I wake up with a message or a vision of something that wants to be expressed. This relationship with the Divine reflects the Essence of Who I Am – and therefore key in all things that I would choose to express, especially my art. Beauty, peace, stillness and simplicity can be found at the core of each creation. My continuous goal is to discover and demonstrate what is truly extraordinary in the simple and ordinary displays of life.Biography

Diana grew up in Rochester, New York. She attended Colby College in New Hampshire, The University of Colorado and Leslee College Graduate School in which she studied, Psychology and Special Education. She worked as a Psychiatric Social Worker with the Mentally Retarded in Boston, MA and in Special Education in the Vermont School System. In the early 1980s she trained as a Wholistic Health Practitioner and had her own Healing business, working with physical, mental emotional and spiritual imbalances.

In addition to this background in Education, in the early 1980’s, Diana embarked upon a spiritual journey that began in Vermont, shifted to Sedona, AZ and later took her to Boulder, Colorado. During this same time period, she also began exploring more artistic outlets and expressions – and began delving into fine art classes. Her background in both the service fields and in seeking a more contemplative life assisted her art journey in terms of patience, stillness, allowance and being aware of a more Spiritual meaning to life. Her passion for both the Divine and creative expression have now become perfect partners in her life.

Diana explored various mediums such as acrylics, watercolor pencil, watercolor and airbrush with acrylic. Simultaneously, she continued to explore fine art courses and workshops to discover which media and which techniques might feel like a match. She moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2005 and fell in love with pastels. She been showing locally and nationally for over 9 years now and enjoying a thriving career as a full time artist.

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