Dewey Franklin

Dewey Franklin

For over 40 years, Dewey Franklin has been a prolific artist. His diverse body of work ranges from traditional oils on canvas, exquisite copies of old masters to large-scale interior and exterior murals. His many commissioned works include portraits, copies of heirloom portraits for aristocratic patrons, to dozens of murals in England, France, Italy, and the U.S. He has achieved popularity in London, Paris, and Los Angeles and his works hang in homes, businesses and academic institutions in Europe and America.

Dewey is also highly meticulous about the quality of canvas and materials that he uses, making his own paint and preparing canvases. His work is available as originals or reproductions on this site. Commissions are welcome.

He is also a highly sought after award winning airbrush painter. Two of his more recent works have been seen on the covers of Scootering Magazine, the most recent one winning Best Vespa at Scottish National Scooter Rally Kelso 2016.

Père Lachaise Cemetery 1990

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