Destiny's Art

Destiny's Art

Welcome to my art gallery! I'm Tylise L. Bowra owner of Destiny's Art LLC and I think I draw some pretty dope pictures, but you be the judge ;) I am currently using pencils and I'm a mixed media artist dabbling in paints, marker, pencils , pastels, among others. I'm stuck on BIG bold and colorful!

I currently draw portraits of women of color because I have always felt it was something I wanted to see and to me there aren't enough depictions of us. Where it concerns women of color we see a lot of African art and I love it but I wanted to see something more modern and up to date because we aren't in Africa anymore. I wanted to do something that speaks to the little girl growing up in the hood struggling to survive and to be happy within herself.

My daughter is part of my inspiration, a little chocolate 10 year old with afro puffs who wants to be just like me. Showing off our hair, skin, jewelry, make-up, and all the dope ways we express ourselves is why I started to produce what I wanted to see and what I felt was missing. More than anything I just want to inspire women young and old of all melanated cultures to embrace their beauty and be proud of it. And with each big colorful piece I promise to bring happiness and joy to a dark world that does not embrace us.

Hair Did!