Designs by Oluto

Designs by Oluto

Hi there! My name is Olutosin Yusuf. I grew up in Nigeria proclaiming to everyone who would listen, "I'm going to be a lawyer when I grow up." As far as I knew, my choices for a career paths were Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, and potentially business person, nursing and teacher. As a result, I did not envision a career in the expressive arts such as dancing, writing/blogging, and artistry. Interestingly from a young age, I have enjoyed singing, dancing, writting, and making art. But... it was all a hobby to me and I enjoyed it greatly.

Fast foward, I moved to the States as a teenager where I pursued a career in Engineeering, not law afterall. But... creating and designing, singing, wtiting, still served as close companions and remained hobbies that I engaged in sometimes regularly, and sometimes irregularly.

Through the years, I have grown to appreciate my artistry as a writer and artist more, recognizing it as a gift. It's a gift I am excited to share with the world. My artistry consists mostly of abstract graphic art and drawings as well as art inspired by the Word of God. Last year, I began creating abstract paintings. This year, I am experimenting with portrait painting, fashion images, and logo design.

Thank you for visiting my page. Enjoy your viewing!