DeSano Studio

Sandra DeSano Pezzullo is a Rhode Islander, born into the captivating complexity that is New England. Our seasons, with their pendulum of ever-changing colors, temperatures, and geography provided the rhythm of a childhood spent outdoors. She paints landscapes not because that is where she finds beauty, although she does, but because in Nature, all of our senses become inseparably entwined. She mixes the colors that are able to evoke the biting cold of winter's salt air or mimic the smell of late summer. With her paint, she can make visible the tones of parched soil or the saturation of color that emerges from a marsh soaked in rain, and then going further, painting the sound of distant thunder.
She chooses to work in the medium of oil paint because it satisfies her passion for richer deeper colors and to find the synergy and harmony in the midst of contrasting and layering hues. Often she will paint a canvas and while it is still wet, she will scrape it down. Working over the stain, she will begin a new layer of color when it is completely dry, she will sand it down and apply a third layer of paint. This is the stage from which the painting is completed.
Each painting is both a journey and an invitation. She begins by digitally photographing each scene. She is intentional with the angles that she chooses. She loves the way diagonal lines ask the eye to travel from one point to another, She likes strong foregrounds because they function as the 'thesis statement' of her paintings. She pays close attention to the composition and thinks about the relationship of each shape and element and then she considers the interplay between light and shadow. However, when all is said and done, for her, painting is a spiritual act. This is her world of Creation, a gift from her Creator.
Sandra does accept Commissions, if you have a photo you want painted please feel free to contact us with any requests or questions. Thanks for coming by and enjoy the beauty of this Studio!