Derek Johnson Art Gallery

Derek Johnson Art Gallery

Derek Johnson spent all of his adult years in Oregon, working as a PGA Golf Professional. He managed golf courses, was runner up for Oregon's PGA Teacher of the year several years in a row, and also played professionally being known as one of the Pacific Northwests finest players.
In May of 2015, Derek was involved in a serious car accident being hit head-on by a drunk driver and his life took a different turn that he didn't expect at all. He received the fifth concussion he has had in his life, and the head injury completely changed his views on life, his interests, and it also changed his a very unexpected way. Derek began seeing things differently and all of a sudden, and from out of the blue, felt the urge to paint. Not only did he start painting, but he started painting amazingly well, being the "Featured Artist of the Month" at Humcombucha Brewery and Gallery in Bend Oregon after only painting for a few months. He has filled the walls of several restaurants, businesses, and homes of admirers all over the U.S.
Derek is still adjusting to many of the changes he's gone through since the car accident, but he says most of them have been positive ones, and he couldn't be more grateful than he is now. He is so passionate about his new gift of being able to paint, he is sharing it with others by teaching art to kids, mentally ill, seniors, disabled, ex-felons, troubled youth, and anyone else that is interested in trying. Everyday he grabs his backpack full of old paints and brushes, and he paints all over town. No matter what town that is, he looks to see who he can share the joy of painting with. Derek believes his greatest gift is sharing the enjoyment painting and inspiring others. In a short amount of time, Derek has inspired hundreds of people to pick up and give painting a chance themselves, and most of them are still having fun painting today.
Derek's artwork is often compared to that of one of the greatest painters of all time, Vincent van Gogh, because of the small lines and movement created in his impressionistic style. It seems like an interesting coincidence that way before Derek started painting, his favorite quote was, and still is, "the more I think, there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.", by Vincent van Gogh. On July 14th, Van Gogh decided he would commit suicide...this was also the day that Derek Johnson was born.
Derek says everything in his life has seems like it's more than he died and has been given another chance at life...and in this life he plans on making a difference.


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