Dennis Knecht

Dennis Knecht

Dennis has been studying and producing and selling artwork on and off for over fifty years. Although fighting through an illness very similar to Vincent Van Gogh's- Dennis produces as much quality original artwork as possible when he is able. Dennis was born in E. St. Louis, IL- and grew up in Belleville. In high school in 1966- he painted a robot almost exactly the same as "R2D2" of "Star Wars"- but no-one believed it was his work. He reads and studies each art book he can get his hands on thoroughly and loves to view and study the real thing at major art museums. He began painting a very popular series of paintings called Wooden Progressions." He has exhibited his work in the Massachusetts State House. He is always striving to be better- in spite of his illnesses. His artwork has been written about on the internet and in newspapers and has been on local T.V. He has had 6 one-man shows in Massachusetts in the last few years. He currently resides in Massachusetts. Dennis has won several awards for his artwork. If you are interested in purchasing an original piece- contact him at - and provide the necessary information and your request. He also welcomes commercial offers ( from interior designers, retail art producers, hotels- etc)and special commissioned work. Simply click on an image or title to see an enlargement. Thank You for buying my work.


Modern and Geometric Ab. Paintings