Denise's Regal Art

Denise's Regal Art

As a successful Architectural Engineer, I wholesomely confirmed that my passionđź’• is in Art and not Architecture.

Working with many vibrant colors and exhibiting my creative skills is the true gemstone of my soul. As a professional, multifaceted artist of sophistication, my eye encompasses an obsession not with just color, but delivering special creations for all of your needs.

Thought For The Day: "When at a loss for words, the messages my art bring will soothe your pains. Connecting through timeless emotions enabling the weakest sublimely strong."

2016 Westerville Art Festival, Westerville, OH
2016 Art Venue, Morse Road, Columbus, OH
2015 ARTnews SA, New York, NY
2013 Westerville Art Festival, Westerville, OH
2013 German Village Art Crawl, Columbus, OH
2013 Columbus Art Festival, Columbus, OH
2013 Riverfront Arts Festival, Columbus, OH - Honored and selected as "first place" artist in Columbus, Ohio newspaper.
2011 Lebanon Antique Art Gallery, Lebanon, OH

**Art Under Copyright Protection**

Art for Children's Room

Women's/Girl's Wall Hanging Decor

Boy's Bedroom Wall Hanging Decor

Musical Paintings

Landscape/Waterscape Paintings

Expressionistic Abstract Paintings

Cityscape Paintings

Abstract/Mixed Media Paintings