Deepak Arts

Deepak Arts

Hi , I'm Deepak Patankar from India & i'm a self taught artist. I have my own brand named Deepak Arts. I create & sell paintings & drawings.

🎨 We book orders according to your demands with moderate rates.
🎨 We also book orders for Home, Temple, Derasar, etc. of God and related to it.

To check my art, please visit the above link i-e

Email -

Contact no - +91 8200226473, +91 9898240922.

Address - S/47 , Manmohan Appt. , Keshav Nagar ,Subhash Bridge , Ahmedabad - 380027 , India.

Specialized in below given items -

🎨 Canvas Painting
🎨 Acrylic Painting
🎨 Oil Painting
🎨 Fabric Painting
🎨 Water Colour Painting
🎨 Portrait Painting
🎨 Pencil Sketching
🎨 Pot Painting
🎨 Ceramic Work
🎨 Marble Painting
🎨 Glass Painting
🎨 Decorative Design Work.

For more information, contact us through above details.
Thank you!🎨🎨

Oil Painting

Acrylic Painting

Fabric painting

Pencil Sketching

Water Colour Painting

Regional Painting

Pot Painting

Abstract & Geometrical