Deborah Ann Baker

Deborah Ann Baker

About the Author
Deborah Ann Baker is an Independent Artist, Illustrator, Instructor, Exhibitor and Speaker. Deborah has instructed adults and teens and has presented workshops for a decade. Deborah’s art has appeared in books, shows, and online galleries. In addition, Deborah has authored and illustrated, “Charlie’s Dream”, a children’s book for ages 0 to 8.
Deborah started with watercolor as a means of her expression and moved on with acrylic and mixed media. Those who have influenced Deborah most are: Claude Monet, Pierre-Aguste Renoir, Georgia O’Keeffe, Paul Joseph Pollock, and Gerhard Richter. She has studied with many artists and learns most from a careful observation of the order and design of the natural world. She believes that “nature is the artwork of a creator/master artist who displays wisdom and a genius that we have only begun to understand”. Her focus is to create art that will cause the soul to search for a deeper meaning in an increasingly chaotic world.
Art for me is a passion. Passion for creativity, passion for the process, passion to learn and advance, and passion for the people who are passionate like me about art.

Deborah Ann Baker has worn many different guises. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, one of four siblings. Deborah has advanced degrees in Business Administration, and Counseling Psychology. As a Certified Life Strategies & Business Coach, she partnered with thousands to design and grow clients personally and their businesses. Deborah has authored many books, including:
Why It Works! The Science Behind Manifesting Everything You Desire,
Play a Bigger Game: Proven Strategies to Design and Grow Your Successful Small Business,
101 Great Ways To Live Your Life Volume 2,
Stepping Stones to Success,
Charlie’s Dream for Children, Author and Illustrator
Beginning Acrylics, Author and Illustrator
Artful Gift of Languoring.


Deborah now lives in Yelm, Washington.