Deanna Louise Brain Waves

I have never painted with the intent to make money. I've always just painted. My mind is a constant flowing river full of love, pain, happiness, bliss, knowledge, confusion, understanding, doubt, and illusion. Painting is the only way I can make any sense of my self. Every bit of who I am goes into each painting. At 27years old I am finally able to part with some of my paintings.
My grandmother and her dearest friends were both creative people. And most of the canvas that these paintings are on, I inherited in the passing of these fabulous ladies. Some of the canvas I bought years ago myself and have painted over.
All of my paintings have grown to become the finish product. They never end how the begin. And that is what this is all about. Growth.
Each painting may have come from different times and places in my life. But every one of thrm is meant to say the same thing. Grow and accept imperfection as something beautiful.