Deana K

Deana K

A bit of me; born in the past century in a beautiful city by sea, first girl in Karapetyan’s family, daddy Alexander - local, highly respectable, and well-known lawyer. Sea breeze didn't last too long due to valent aggressions against Armenians; Family members, friends were lost. There were no more roses. Forced migration to Perestroika’s Russia. Btw if you passed Moscow in the 90ies the rest is kindergartener: couple more migrations, a lot more separations, property lost to a fire and more, a lot more natural and manmade not very pleasant surprises.
So, today and as long as I am able to, I would like to share myself with you through my ART.

Fyi when you buy my art, you take my soul with you, so please make sure you take care of it and I make sure that piece of me will bring you a piece of joy.

So best luck to us all!
Always with love,
Deana K

P.S.: most of my ART was lost due to disasters which are slightly mentioned above, some in private collections, some displayed at the galleries. With God’s will more will be presented!