Louis DeMayo


Louis passed away in 2016 at 90 years old and this is a private collection of his artwork completed between 1950 to 2000.

About the Artist

A first generation Italian-American, Louis “Louie” De Mayo was raised in the neighborhood in South Philadelphia and attended Girard College. After serving in the Marines during World War II, he studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts/Hussian School of Art under the G.I. Bill; and Fleischer Art Memorial* then was employed in a series of commercial art jobs.  He relocated to Phoenix as Art Director for Arizona Highways.  Once De Mayo retired from the magazine he focused all his time and energy into his personal artwork, with an emphasis on Native American pieces. De Mayo says he chose Native Americans for his work because of their “dramatic quality” and “manner of dress.” His artwork continues to inspire and capture the essence of the Native American spirit.