Enchanted Art by Dayna Winters

Enchanted Art by Dayna Winters


About Dayna Winters

My art is inspired by nature, myth, and fantasy. I have a particular penchant for fairies, dragons, and Greek myth. Ive been drawing since I was a child and intermittently in my adult years, but I recently decided to take up art once more following my diagnosis with primary biliary cirrhosis - an autoimmune disease that attacks the liver. I find art stress relieving because I can relax, take my time, and lose myself in the work.

I love reading, writing, and art. When I am not being creative or losing myself in a good book, I love being with my husband, kids, two pugs, two ducks, and twelve chickens. I have found a new love for dying plants and feel the dire need to rescue them, and when weather permits, I enjoy being outdoors.

My interests include religion, art, myth, and fantasy. I am the former producer and co-host of Isis Paranormal Radio and the former co-founder of Isis Paranormal Investigations. I am an author and have coauthored three books: 'Wicca: What's the Real Deal? Breaking Through the Misconceptions,' 'Sacred Objects, Sacred Space,' Everyday Tools for the Modern Day Witch,' and 'The Esoteric Dream Book: Mastering the Magickal Symbolism of the Subconscious Mind,' all of which are coauthored with Angela Kaufman and Patricia Gardner. My books are available through Schiffer Publishing. I am also an editor for the new age imprint, Pine Creek Press, from a brand new start up company - Slate Run Publishing.

I love talking to like-minded, imaginative, fun people from all over the world. You'll see my existing galleries and galleries I will eventually be filling below. I will be adding more pieces and galleries over the course of time. I appreciate your interest in my art and I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as enjoy creating them.

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