Dawning Arts

Dawning Arts


My Name is Kelsey Mitchell and I'm a 22-year-old artist from western North Carolina. I have been doing art for as long as I remember. I learned all of the colors before numbers or reading. I started with sketches and doodles, and then black pen design. I started painting about two years ago. I do many types of different medias, and I can't decide what I like to do best. Pencil / charcoal sketches, black pen designs, colored pencil drawings, acrylic paintings, mixed media with paper towel, broken CDs, dried acrylic, faux flowers, playing cards, stickers, buttons and other materials, I melt records into bowls and paint them and I paint candle holders, vases and other glassware. I also dabble in graphic design. I currently do all of the above, and love doing all of it.

My art is inspired by my philosophy about life. My favorite quote, and what drives my inspiration, is "Life is but a Dream". I believe we are all part of a greater design, and that we are art in ourselves. An eye is my signature design, and it represents the paradox of synchronic universal embodiment and disintegration, or that we are all part of a complex set of systems and values that are both coming together and being torn apart at the same time. We all have the power to balance ourselves and our surroundings; trust the process.

I hope all of you enjoy my art, I've put my heart and soul into every piece I've done and will do in the future. Thank you!

Mixed Media


Pen and Ink