David I. Jackson

David I. Jackson


I loved art as a child but only made art when in grade school. Outside of school I really showed little interest in art. Once In junior high I began to experiment in pencil drawings and received a lot of encouragement to pursue art. Somehow I lost interest as I got older. From time to time I would do some drawings or paintings but didn't or couldn’t muster the determination or discipline to seriously pursue the craft.

In college I took some art courses and picked up drawing again and did some dabbling in pastels and sculpting. But again other interest and work always took first place. Art was always on my mind though.

I was a multi media development specialist for Computer Sciences Corp. for 14 years and was experienced in video production and post-production. I did this kind of work for 9 or 10 years until leaving CSC. I began a business creating web sites and have been doing web design full time until being laid off this past March.

In 2012 I noticed how inexpensive artist tools and materials were on Amazon and begin to purchase some of them from time to time through out the year. I didn’t actually begin using them until 2013. In March of 2013 I was laid off from my job as a web designer. I decided that I would go into semi retirement and produce art and build web sites to make ends meet. So here I am now sort of finding my way as a fledgling artist.




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