David Scott

David Scott


Biographically I have always had an admiration for art from my earliest remembrance. My interests lead me into competitive art displays and awards. I attended The Atlanta College of Art as a Graphic Design major. I was elected Student Ambassador by the Dean of Students. Offered and accepted a work study program in the Registrar’s Office. As technology and art evolve my studies continues. Through my work in Art, I have acquired a certain perspective of God’s creations, which I have always incorporated in aspects of my work and life. I have worked with diverse art materials lifelong. My current area of concentration is graphic design, hopefully new paintings and photography. My favorite photographic subjects are botanicals, natural and urban landscapes. I plan to add new work as time permits. So I hope you visit again soon and I thank you for your time.

Growing up in the southern state of Georgia, I found inspiration in the juxtaposition of rural and urban structure. The life there is to capture locally and abroad created a determination to explore, discover and translate the world and universal existence. By utilizing different media to create work in different styles and techniques. I hope to attract the attention of a varied audience. Hopefully creating to share with individual varied interests. Through each piece there is a journey to unfold knowledge of a reason of existence. The changing environments are obvious. As all individuals know destruction is not always avoidable. I wish everything was perfect in all aspects of life. My witness of this enabled me to have hope and continuance. Of course the opposite of destruction is creation. So when there is negative news an inner presence of creativity ignites and launches my interests of creating something positive.

My statement is natural representation in most work. I am able to capture the subject of a project without the unnecessary utilization of much editing software. I work on projects with different mediums that create the subject most efficiently. That will project the concept. As you are aware there is an abundance of Art in different forms world wide. Much of my creation is for my personal interests; with motive that if one or more individuals are affected by my creation in a positive manner above other obstacles. Then my lifework of creating Art is more meaningful.

My art work has a presence of philosophical ideas. God, nature and universal existence acquire my interests. These influences are incorporated in my work in a perspective. I have lifelong influences from the masters of art. My interest is Art in all forms. I believe in living for Love. My creative process is lengthy. As I strive for every detail to be perfect and create the best I can possible. I hope to always continue and evolve in the world of art.




Beach Landscapes

Churches and Statues

Modern City


Modern City Skyline