David Booker

David Booker


David Booker is a sculptor, best known for his monumental handmade marble sculptures. Born in 1954 in Melbourne, he studied in Sydney and Hobart Tasmania where he made his first sculpture, a Totem. He then moved to England where he worked in a apple cider factory. Then to Italy where he began work on his first sculptures in marble.

His work was influenced by his interest in the ancient Egypt and classical world of Greece and his drawing style includes references to the 20th century Italian artist Giorgio Morandi.

His still-life compositions moved away from the tradition and show anonimous empty boxes and mechanical enginee parts.These still-life pencil drawings portray boxes and cartons and used packaging and dismissed motor engine mechanical parts, humble and abandoned objects. He found the objects in the waste, and he reused and repurposed them as subject of art, creating interplay of fascinating light and shadows in a silent and contemplative atmosphere.

His drawings, like his sculptures, is defined by an alternation of positive and negative. Full and empty forms are linked with perfect compositional balances and through a skilled use of shades of shadows and different textureshe building up the volumes and space. His still life drawings like his marble figures remain wrapped in a veil of mistery and archaism.

David Booker's first solo exhibition was in 1983, in the main foyer of the Central Railway Station in Sydney. Since then, he has shown his sculptures in collective and solo exhibitions, focusing on the integration of his themes in special architectural urban settings in Italian towns of art.

David Booker workshop is in Vocabolo Pian di Borgone 42, Montegiove Umbria Italy.