Orion's Belt

Orion's Belt


Born in Morocco and raised in Paris, Daniele Pollitz is a widely recognized sculptor known for her work in bronze and clear resin. Particularly celebrated for her Fantasy Show collection crafted in resin, shown all over the country in Stuart Weitzman stores. In 1998, the G&P Foundation for cancer research honored Daniele with the commission to sculpt the "Angel of Hope" award, which was presented to President Bill Clinton.

Daniele Pollitz found her inspiration for "Orion's Belt" during her visit to the Mojave Desert, in Joshua Tree. In the absence of moonlight and without any "city glow", the breadth of an endless summer meteor shower filling the desert sky left her contemplating a certain closeness to the heavens. She named each piece for constellations, inspired by both mythology and collective, mysterious forms in the sky. These 3D-sculpted canvases are a palette of mixed media (sand, broken glass, pigments, acrylic paint). They appear to explode in circular motion with "diamond dust", reverent to the sky: they are quiet monuments of shooting stars, moons, open skies, and planets.....

"Here are my elements of the Universe
What are we made of?
From the Earth to the sky, we construct and destruct
In a circle of life, from which constellations form
A cosmos emerges from the wall
Transporting you to my heavens
In currents of light and energy." - By Daniele

Email: daniele.pollitz@gmail.com

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More information: Sculpture.org/portfolio/sculptorPage.php?sculptor_id=1000415
Video Interview: https://myspace.com/danielepollitz/video/danielle-pollitz-sculpture/47622010
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