Daniela San Juan

Daniela San Juan


Born and raised in Vigo, a industrial city surrounded by amazing landscapes and country side farms.
Since I had memory I feel passionated about art.
I spent my childhood drawing around. My passion for art was only as equal as my passion for animals, so I spent many years drawing horses dogs and cats.
During my Fine Art degree I started to introduce myself into a more intimate theme, exploring the lines of the human body and finding great inspiration in the shape of the woman anatomy.
I based my final projet in the figure of the Voyuer, with a serie of photographs.
After my degree I traveled to UK looking for a job oportunity. I have a normal job during the day and work hard at home in what I really love.
During the last few years I started working with a new technique. I sew on paper.
It is a tedious tecnique that requieres of lots os patience. Since the preparation on the photograph to the final result there is a lot of hours and effort in every single stitch. But the result is amazing, every single person that see my art says that they have never seen anything like this before.
It is erotic, but sutil. The light is an important factor, as It will change the perception of the piece producing shadows in the paper, creating a new way to see it.

I made few of them by special order directly from a customer, so happy to do it again if you want it too.