Dahmer Art

Dahmer Art


Karl Dahmer - illustrator.
Commissions designs for commercial use or personal admiration.
OR - browse and choose from 1,000s of images available. Uploading ongoing...

All work is original pen and ink illustration. Design rights are separate cost from personal ownership price. (typically $80-100 flat fee for digitizing design and transferring ownership). If you would like both the original artwork pictured here and the digitized design please email dahmerart@gmail.com and can create a package customized for your needs.

Shipping typically takes 1-2 weeks to go out. Tracking number will be provided once shipped. Please let us know if you need shipping quicker we can usually accommodate.

All items on this gallery are for personal ownership. Some do have the rights available for purchase to use commercially. Please inquire with Dahmerart@gmail.com if you would like to persue ownership for re-distribution such as (album art, t-shirt designs, book covers, ect...).

Thanks for all of your support!!

P.S. Shipping outside of the US, I am unsure at this time how to allow for combined shipping. If you would like to purchase more than 1 item, please email dahmerart@gmail.com and I will combine the shipping costs. Thanks!










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