My name is Gary Dunkle. I enjoy creating. Most of my days are spent as a chef, where I create things that people enjoy eating. My evenings are spent creating memories with my family. My nights are spent creating art. I mostly work with paints and a few other forms of multi-media. I enjoy painting canvases, but I think it is my shoes that I enjoy creating the most. I like knowing that each one is different, that each pair is unique to the person who wears them. Even when I use a similar design, no two pairs are the same, because each pair is hand-painted. I offer prints of my canvases, which are limited in number and signed, but prints are by nature exact copies. My shoes are the opposite of that. Even the ones that are similar are actually different. I tend to like things that are different, and I enjoy knowing that I have helped someone express their uniqueness. I enjoy getting a small insight into the lives of the people who wear my shoes through what they choose to express themselves.

Kustom Kicks