Dianne Mayne Art

Dianne Mayne Art


Living on the Gulf Coast in Florida, I enjoy kayaking, fishing, and beach combing when I am not working on my art, or discovering and learning new art techniques and methods.

When I was younger my art journey started with pen and ink drawings. In 2005 creating figurative art sculptures from the fairy realm and mermaids using polymer clay and genesis heat set paints became a passion for many years. Branching out I picked up a love for professional artist quality colored pencils and then graphite, pastel and charcoal drawings and paintings using watercolors and acrylic paints and inks.

I do my own matting, cutting museum quality UV protection plexiglass to fit ready made frames, and finishing with the backside dust cover, wire hanger, rubber bumpers and attach a hook and nail set for hanging.

If you are interested in placing a custom order for artwork, please contact me at DMayneArt@gmail.com Pricing depends on complexity, size, materials used, and framing. I am happy to work with you and your vision for pet portraits, landscape, or wildlife. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Original Note Cards


Cats and Dogs


Mixed Media

Drawings in Graphite and Charcoal

Polymer Clay Sculptures