Delirious Pixie Ninja

Delirious Pixie Ninja

Hello, I am an artist currently based in the United States. I am legally blind. I am extremely grateful for the sight I do have left though and despite the trauma and obstacles that I have had to face in loosing my site at a young age, I have truly found solace in creating and sharing my art. I greatly appreciate all the visits to my site and the positive reviews and feed back I have received. It has been quite the process in regards to uploading the photos in the format and pixilation requirements recommended by the art pal website. So please bare with me during this process I am still acquiring a few necessary items in order to upload the paintings properly. In the mean time if you are interested in one of my paintings that you have viewed on my youtube channel and do not see it on the artpal website you can reach me by email as well for pricing and availability.

I am currently struggling emotionally and finicially right now after, the most recent loss of my Beloved son, my handsome sweet Damian. +++♡♡♡♡♡♡♡+++
So please in correspondence remember to be kind and patient. If there is a delayed response bare with me I am responding in the order in which received.

Thank you.

I love you my Mari

Angel fish

Still believe in Unicorns

Cardinal on a branch in the snow

Balloons soaring over the mountains

Dragons breath

The void between

Glass effect Acrylic drop pour 2

Glass effect acrylic drop pours


Trend setter


Drop pour