Dominic Glaser

Dominic Glaser

My name is Dominic Glaser and I'm from Tucson AZ . I have lived here most of my life . I started doing various works of Art since I can remember around 5 years of age . Like most kids in elementary school Art was the high light of the day . I think the first time I elected to take Art was in junior high . I remember a project of clay , or pottery we had to create . It was to be displayed in a model home for a new housing community and the students could sell their Art if they wanted to . After creating a huge vase maybe 5 inches wide 2 feet long at the top and about 2 ft high I decided that I didn't want to sell it . The teacher was shocked at what I made and told me over and over how "wonderful" it was . I remember telling her that I didn't want to sell it as she grinned at me. Needless to say I never saw it again and to this day do know if she kept or sold it . This at the time in 8th grade was discouraging to me . The last time I took a Art class was 11th grade and failed the class because I used the time in her class to do my Art and not what she wanted me to do . And I knew I was heading off to military school any way . It was during a stressful time in my life , in love and leaving my high school sweet heart behind . My personal opinion on Art school is undecided . I feel Art is a talent and not something that can be taught . I have basically taught my self . Now that I am 40 and with big gaps in my Art creations . I have for the first time decided to put out my Art from past , present , and Future . I think some recent events that have been not too pleasant : loose off job , ending engagement , and father's suicide have compelled me to seek some kind of outlet for my current chaos . My Art is in a wide rage including Digital Art which is sometimes mixed with simple old fashion pen and pencil . Again I am self taught on it all including my Gem Stone carvings . With out having watched a single how to video or attending any school . I also dont follow every conventional way of doing things ethier . Hope you enjoy my work and thank you for taking the time to read this . Dominic Glaser