Datsas - Spray Paint Art

Datsas - Spray Paint Art


My name is George Datseris, and I sign under the name "Datsas".
I started spray painting at August of 2013. By the first month I was already loving spray painting
and wanted to become better and better. I make this art only as a hobby, as a way to make myself feel better,
and I do not see it as a mean to make profit and I will never will.
By now, I have participated in five exhibitions, one of which I was the sole artist.
Meanwhile, I am running a Spray Paint Art workshop where I teach other people the art of spray painting.
I am trying to sell some of my paintings, only so I can buy more materials and colours.

Besides art, I am a physicist currently doing a MSc. I also have a drummers diploma and I play in a jazz band.

70x50cm Spray Paint Art

35x50cm Spray Paint Art