A BEAUTIFUL ORIGINAL piece evaluated by the Endara Crow Foundation made in 1995, a year before his death, by the great master Latin American painter Gonzalo Endara Crow. This painting has his famous flying train with an amazing and flawless landscape. If you have any questions, you're more than welcome to ask. Thank you for looking!

His most recognized painting is "El Tren Volador" (The Flying Train). As a child, Endara Crow was amazed by trains since his grandfather worked at the railroad; this became an inspiration for his masterpiece, in which he depicts a flying train -hence the title- that blends into a colorful mountainous landscape. Another common surreal motif in his paintings was raining bells or spheres as in his Untitled work dated July 29, 1988. Endara was also a sculptor, and sculpted two important monuments in Sangolquí, Ecuador. These two monuments are "El Choclo" and "El Colibrí" both of which are representative of the natural beauty as well as the importance of agriculture of the Ecuadorian Sierra. Some of his pieces encompass elements of painting and sculpture both such as "El Cerro de la Iglesia" (1987) an acrylic work enclosed inside a wood portal.

Five years later its name was already pronounced in major art galleries and its fame grew under cover of the polychromy of their wonderful colors. Then, sprang from his imagination and fantasy without limits, unique colorful artworks that would revolutionize the concepts of Ecuadorian art.