Cutie Beautiez - Personalized

Cutie Beautiez - Personalized

Cutie Beautiez began over 24 years ago as a way for people to have their name on a hand made accessory. Names are very special! Meeting the public and designing what the public wants is why they have so many variations. Sports, dance, music, mermaids, unicorns, dogs, cheerleaders, cats, princesses, animals and butterflies are just some of the themes available.
Customer service is very important and special orders in whatever theme, hair color, eye color and skin tone would be a joy for me to create for the special person in your life! Please email me for special orders.

Each personalized Cutie Beauty necklace and journal arrives with a special surprise and gift wrap. It’s all about fun one customer told me as she was deciding which Cutie Beauty to purchase for her daughter's birthday!

Cutie Beautiez are made from mixed media and polymer clay. They are quite sturdy and amazingly light weight. Each necklace weighs approximately 1/2 ounce. The entire necklace is waterproof and the name is permanent. 2 by 1 inch body. The necklace cord is adjustable and is a soft comfortable cording. They have a special sparkle to them and are quite excited when they receive their new names!!!! The name Alexandria, Cassandra, Gabriella, whatever length name you need! Just send the correct spelling and I will ship promptly.

Five Categories of Cutie Beautiez available for purchase.
Necklaces, Journals, Room Plaques, Totes and Keychains✨
All are personalized - Any length name

PayPal and credit cards accepted
3-5 days delivery✨
Special orders - email me -

Cutie Beauty Personalized Necklaces

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Personalized Journals

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