Curt Chiarelli Studios

Curt Chiarelli Studios

Curt Chiarelli has been providing design, sculpture and illustration services for the motion picture/television, toy/collectible, video game, museum exhibit and publishing industries for over 30 years. A native born and bred Chicagoan, Curt began his career early at the age of 20 when he was contracted to create storyboards for the McDonald’s Corporation.

At the age of 23 and barely out of college, he became this country's youngest production designer when he was hired by HBO to art direct a comedy feature presentation, "Men Will Be Boys".

From that point forward he began to receive a steady stream of commissions until his first major career breakthrough occurred in 1991 when he created the stop-motion animation model of the character, Goro for the Williams Electronics international blockbuster hit video arcade game, "Mortal Kombat".

In 1994 he left his staff position in the Exhibit Design Department at the John G. Shedd Aquarium to accept an invitation from Skellington Productions to join their team in the creation of the stop-motion animation models and effects for the feature length motion picture, "James and the Giant Peach". Noticing that his employment prospects were much enhanced and the weather far more accommodating, he decided to remain in the balmy climes of California for the next 13 years.

After having his work featured in the prestigious Spectrum anthologies, enjoying a rewarding collaboration with world renowned fantasy illustrator, Boris Vallejo, seeing the projects he's worked on win multiple awards, including a Cannes Bronze Lion and an Emmy nomination, tackling such high-profile commissions as the creation of the action figures for the "Halo" video game product line and the advertising campaign poster for "The Age of Empires III: The War Chiefs", he has expanded his scope of activities to the field of writing, education and gallery art. In the past 14 years he has taught advanced-level university courses, written 3 books and seen his work featured in juried group exhibitions at the prestigious Providence Art Club and Woods-Gerry Gallery at the Rhode Island School of Design.

He currently resides in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area with his large personal library, where, to the strains of everything from Bernard Herrmann to Béla Bartók, he continues to create artwork and to occasionally inflict himself upon the unwary reader.