Crxzy cute pop art

Crxzy cute pop art

Hello! Thank you for coming by! My name is Paige, and I'm younger artist, 15 to be exact, who so badly wants to live off of my art, I am so passionate about it and it's all I want to do, now, I can't do it alone, buying or advertising my art is the best way to help and it will mean the world to me to help me make my dreams come true!
Find me on Instagram @queenfloof or @crxzypositive and please do follow and help support me!!

You can get a hold of me for messaging via email or through DM on Instagram (I'm very active on Instagram)

And if you maybe like my style, but don't quite see an original piece I am all for meeting your wants and needs, and by that I mean I do commissions!

My art can be water color or acrylic painting. And with those two , I tend to do water color on thick paper. And acrylic on canvas.
For smaller water colors (around 10 inches by 14 inches) base prices start around 25-35$ and for larger sheets I would say $50+ (I do not have a size reference for a larger piece just yet)

For acrylic on canvas right now I have canvases (I believe 16 inches by 19 inches) depending on what you would like they can range from a starting base price of 100-200$, a final price will be decided depending on what you want.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and have a wonderful day!