Craig Boehman

Craig Boehman

American photographer Craig Boehman is based in Mumbai. He began his professional career in photography when one of his street images was selected for the cover of the German edition of Le Monde Diplomatique in 2015. Since then his focus has been on photography in public places, with long-term street and documentary projects in Kolkata and Mumbai.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Craig began to explore fine art composite photography during India’s strict lockdown phase in early 2020. His keen interest in Expressionism lead him to explore street imagery based around candid and posed shots of individuals as subjects. Many of his composites are made up of street shots he’s taken over the years, oftentimes combined with recent portraits and self-portraits.

Craig runs street photography workshops and accepts assignments and commissions. His work has been shown in photography exhibitions around the world and featured in publications like Le Monde Diplomatique, Verve Magazine, and The Hindustan Times.

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