Kelvin's Art Studio

Kelvin's Art Studio

I don't produce art that only concentrate on one subject. I am inspired by nature and the beautiful world around us, hence I am never without a sketch pad, painting tools or camera to capture life.

I did not set out to be an artist or to create these interesting pieces of work, my direction changed after being at university studying architecture and realised what my passion really was.

My work tends to focus on landscapes and portraits, my photography are focused on flowers and landscapes but you will find that I don't just enclose my work to one specific thing.

In school the only class I was really interested in was art. This was when I really felt alive.

Throughout growing up, my biggest inspirations were my parent's and to this very day when I visit they never fail to show my childhood drawings, they were the ones who saw what i could create at a very young age and started buying me materials to paint..

My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience, the repetitive nature of my art frees my imagination and provides opportunity to expand and be creative.