Cody Kremer Molina

Cody Kremer Molina

I'm a multimedia artist with a wide range of interests: history and how it affects what it means to be, poetry and how tightly its tendrils can wrap, philosophy and exploring understanding, how color speaks without words or symbols, form and its language like color, stories that let you be other than you for moments, day dreams. I understand voracious appetites for beauty and sensuality, for raw sensation and stimulation. I know the serene and foster a respect for relics like gems.

The medium I work in on any given piece often defines its style but I believe the content can be pieced together across my different projects or styles to create a story or even a solid living amalgamated creature that finds its vitality in the solution to whatever puzzle I've created.

I enjoy vagaries and mysteries. There is a coded language to decipher in my work and there are many dead ends and forked paths. There are false starts and obvious clues. There are axioms. There are soft opinions and blatant lies thriving side by side. There's a reverence for veracity and a mischievous affinity for fiction being weaved into the same cloth, creating a strange synthetic.

I indulge myself in thinking my work can be appreciated at face value with no critical thought and simultaneously be endlessly studied and interpreted. I like my work to be pretty in whatever way it wants to be and as smart as it needs to be for whoever loves it. I love everything I make.