Clovis AP - #ClovisAPTheArtist

Clovis AP - #ClovisAPTheArtist

Clovis AP is a Self-taught artist. He has made a stunning reputation as a professional artist and designer of numerous cover spreads and comic books for various organizations worldwide, he dances, choreographs, create artworks, etc. He ranges a lot using different media.

Open for custom art commissions, original artwork sales, feel free to contact for any questions about custom portraiture or purchase of any painting or product you would like a variation of. I'd be glad to work with you :)

All images are copyrighted by ClovisAPTheArtist, and the copyright remains with the artist (Clovis AP). Unlawful reproduction will encur all legal ramifications and penalties.

"I always have a passion for what i do and I am focused on bringing the best of me. When I approch new projects I know that any problem can be solved with a little bit of hard work, solid technique, and a lot of imagination.
Using different media to express and rely on my work's feeling effectively; and it goes deep into things one cannot touch but feel"

Clovis AP
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