Claire McCall is a self-taught artist and much of her process has developed intuitively over the years rather than by the 'rules'. The unique quality of her work lies in the creation of texture, colour and movement and is rapidly gaining recognition in Australia with a number of art awards to her name.

Artist statement:
A bold approach to painting makes my work distinctive.

Abstract or impressionistic backgrounds applied with a palette knife
are combined with realistic subjects detailed in textured brushstrokes.

My work captures everyday moments in time. Typically, a figure turned away
from the viewer in a candid pose.

The viewer is invited to complete the fill in the blanks about
time, place, thoughts and emotion.

I believe the intelligence of a painting is in the lost and found edges.
The interest lies within the range of values and textures, and the drama of abstraction vs realism...and the magic is in the movement created by a confident stroke of the brush or palette knife.

"In my early thirties, I had not yet discovered painting but had always found myself drawn into art galleries in passing to be lost in the works hanging on the walls.

It was one single exhibition by one wonderful artist that flicked the switch and inspired me to turn all of my attention to art and in particular impressionist oil painting..and I've not looked back.

I hope that others can enjoy my works as much as I enjoy creating them and maybe one day I will be the inspiration for another to immerse their artistic self in a love for painting".

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