Chrysi Meramveliotaki

Chrysi Meramveliotaki

I have always loved creating with my hands! A constant need and the never-ending adventure of exploring myself and my limitations have led me to work in various fields, marrying science with energy, crafts with healing and meditation with writting. I am a scientist, a writer, a healer, an artist but above all, a creator. In short, I would say “I create to exist and I exist in order to create”!

Concerning art, I have worked with many different materials and methods and express myself through painting, jewellery making, photography and sculpturing either with clay or with living plants, working as a landscape architect.

Recently I discovered the fluid acrylic techniques and I immediately felt in love with them. They set me free from the limitations of definite lines and shapes by not trying to create something that actually exists in our world. I play with the colours and the colours get alive by moving around freely on the canvas. In fact, we are co-creating every image and as a result, every painting is unique and one-of-a-kind. I love creating images that resemble the ones I see during my meditations and my favourite themes are the Waves and the Water, the Energy and the Universe, the Microcosmos and the Macrocosmos, the Sacred Geometry of Life and the Life itself.

In 2020 I have created a series of paintings "Waves", "Universe", "Mother Earth" and "Tree of Life" under the general title "A journey to the Heart of Creation", which is actually a journey to the core of my existence. The creation of every painting is a meditative procedure of decoding myself and the cosmos. Especially in this period of self-isolation, we are going through, the only direction we can and should focus is inside us. And if we do this, then I am sure we will find the link to one another… we will be walking on the road of “Oneness”. My vision goes beyond having my work displayed and appreciated, as most artists do. I want above all to inspire the onlookers to start their own spiritual journey. Let my paintings travel you to the core of your heart and allow your heart to feel how it is to BE YOU, but totally connected with all humans on earth and with all the Cosmos!

My collection "Kaleidoscope" contains only digital images, since I have created them by manipulating/multiplying my original paintings with a computer software. When I first started playing with my creations in such a way, I did not know what to expect but I was so amazed to see unique forms been born instantly on the screen and I could not believe my eyes! The most amazing thing is that each one of us sees something different in the same image, like there is a hidden message for us. Actually, we see our inner self expressed in our own unique way. Looking for a while in this kind of images, it may have a relaxing effect on us and if we wish it can help us enter in a meditative state of mind.

In the past, I have participated in a number of workshops and exhibitions. I had my first personal painting exhibition at Grand Marché d'art Contemporain 2000 in Brussels with paintings inspired by the ancient Minoan civilization. In 2016 I won the silver medal in the jewellery competition of FireMountain Gems in USA and I have received several honours in similar contests.

You could see most of my creations here or on my Facebook page “Creations By Chrysi”. You can also contact me

I hope everybody could find something interesting and enjoy exploring my gallery! Thank you for visiting!

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Mother Earth

Tree of Life